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Scan 18.jpeg
Scan 17.jpeg
Scan 14.jpeg
Scan 13.jpeg

Series of swatches mixing different techniques including creative ribs, tucks, holding, striping, racking, jersey and manual manipulation. 

Produced on a Dubied machine in Autumn 2019.

Scan 20.jpeg
Scan 19.jpeg
Scan 40.jpeg
Scan 39.jpeg
Scan 48.jpeg
Scan 47.jpeg
Scan 45.jpeg
Scan 44.jpeg
Scan 30.jpeg
Scan 29.jpeg
Scan 43.jpeg
Scan 42.jpeg
Scan 27.jpeg
Scan 28.jpeg
Scan 38.jpeg
Scan 15.jpeg
Scan 22.jpeg
Scan 21.jpeg
Scan 26.jpeg
Scan 25.jpeg
Scan 41.jpeg
Scan 16.jpeg
Scan 37.jpeg
Scan 36.jpeg
Scan 35.jpeg
Scan 33.jpeg
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