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I'm both a native and a transplant of New York City as I grew up here but started moving, quite literally, all around the globe starting at the age of twelve.

I have one white brow hair, often buy shoes that are too big for me and I am a world cup qualified touch rugby athlete. 

I often work in ceramics, textiles and metal. These works are often inspired by cityscapes, food, and nature and has the sense of humour like a dad through visual play.

I enjoy dancing, often to house and techno at parties. These parties often dictates late nights into wee hours and that means I often go to bed very late, but being also a morning person I sleep very little- but that's okay. We all gotta sacrifice a little to feel love or love something or to do something or somethings you love- and I think that speaks to my integrity and that definitely translates into my work. 

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